A Clean and Simple Encouraging Card | MFT Clean and Simple 2021

Hello Crafties!

Creating a clean and Simple card can be pretty challenging! Especially when you have the urge to continuously add something here and there!

But challenges are supposed to be won over! Today’s card does just that! ❀️

I stamped the seagull and the clouds from the MFT Seaside Seagulls stamp set. I decide to keep the images pretty simple and left them as is.

The important part was the sky. I decided to do dot painting with my acrylic marker pens. (I received these markers as a birthday gift and have been wanting to try them ever since).

For getting the curved shape of the sky, I used the MFT Snow Drifts Cover-up Die-namics for outlining. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

And then trusting the process (quite a difficult task if you ask me) I started my dot painting. I used four different colours to achieve the shaded sky effect!

Finally I stamped the sentiment (from the same stamp set) in a curved way.

Voila! My clean and simple was ready! Did you like my idea of dot painting the sky? Would you create a similar card?

If you do, then please Post your card pics and tag me on Instagram! ❀️

Linking my card to

MFT 2021 Card Design Superstar Clean and Simple Genius

An Unforgettable Card | MFT Superstar Innovative Master 2021

Hiya Crafties!

I have a very special kind of card today. A card which can be given to a person whom we love beyond everything. Someone for whom you would always be there for! ❀️

It is an interactive slider card. A simple yet a very soul touching kind of card!

After thinking a lot about what type of card I could create for this category, I decided that simple is always powerful!

Here is a link showing how the card works :

I stamped seven bears from the MFT Bitty Bears stamp set and some clouds from the MFT Seaside Seagulls stamp set.

With the help of my favourite crafting companion, my scissors, I cut the shapes inside the stamped images. You can see them below πŸ‘‡πŸ»

After that it was easy,. Believe me, this was the tricky part – cutting the tiny shapes without damaging the bears.

I then coloured the rainbow colours exactly below the cutout shapes on my folded card base.

With foam tape I then lined my card base ( on which I had coloured) and also used a pretty dark grey card stock. On the grey piece I added tiny stilts on the bottom sides so that when you pull it, the grey piece doesn’t fully come out.

I added final touches with my grey alcohol marker around the clouds and under the bearsβ€˜ feet to make sure they would be standing on something and wouldn’t fall 😁

Tada! My quick and simple but one-with-a-powerful message interactive card was ready!

What do you think of it? Like it? Love it ?

Do let me know in the comments below. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. I have posted a fun Reel on how the card works! 😍

Linking my card to :

MFT Cardmaking Superstar 2021 : Innovation Master

Always : a Flipbook, a Match Box and a Flashlight Card – MFT Superstar 2020 Innovation Master

Hiya Crafties!

MFT Superstar contest has 3 categories. I don’t know if we are allowed to have favorites, but I guess Innovation Master category seems to be mine. I am not saying whether it is but my liking tilts towards it. But still I am not taking sides. (Lest the other categories feel partial)

Its just that interactive cards are kind of my thing. I love converting all cards in to something interactive. It takes me some special efforts to stop myself from doing so every single time.

I feel interactive is the only way a card can be. I may be wrong. Just my opinion.

So for my card this time, I created something unique even for me.

It’s a Flipbook inside a match box card on top of which lies a Flashlight card! Phew!

You can find my card in action below:

I will divide my card in 3 sections : Flipbook ; Match Box ; Flashlight Card

Section 1 : The Flipbook

This is the first part which I created. I thought about a lot of ideas for this one. Believe me I created another flipbook but the story just didn’t deliver and I had to scrap it and then I made this one. Flipbooks are traditionally created by drawing similar images with tiny changes one after the other.

I wanted mine to be perfect whilst just using MFT stamps with no drawing of my own.

And Yes, I succeeded in creating one where the story is close to my heart with the cutest little stamp images from my MFT stash.

So I’ll name the stamp sets I used in making this Flipbook :

Bitty Bears ( the main character aka the Hero of the story)

Magical Dragons ( the wind images I created with the flames of the dragons. Lol)

Seaside Seagulls (for the rainy clouds)

Once Upon A Time ( for the tiny flower – so cute)

Adorable Elephants ( for the awesome sentiment)

For the last bear in the flipbook, I did some partial stamping. So the bear holding the balloon, then holds the flower.

I hand drew the raindrops coming out of the clouds.

All the backgrounds I have blended various distress oxides for different pages.

Namely : Salted Ocean, Tumbled Glass, Faded Jeans, Mustard seed, Squeezed Lemonade, Twisted Citron, Picked Raspberry and Ripe Persimmon.

The ‘Always’ Flipbook is a story depicting True love! As with the bear, how he endures stormy clouds, rain and gusty winds and yet never gives up on his Love.

And after the ordeal, how he holds a little flower as a gift for his beloved. Simply stating that Love is the greatest gift there is!
And giving someone the gift of your Love is the ultimate tribute!

The word ‘Always’ holds a special place in my heart. (all Harry Potter fans will know what I am talking about)

It is such a simple yet powerful word. It doesn’t make any lengthy declarations yet makes the promise of Forever.

I have based my entire card on the promise of Forever! (The flashlight card too!)

Section 2 : The Flashlight Card

For the Flashlight card, I have used the same Bitty Bears stamp set so the Hero of the story is here too!

The sentiment is from the ‘Safari Friends’ stamp set. Such a strong sentiment too! Here again my favorite word makes its appearance : Always.

I have used a ziploc bag for stamping the images in black ink. And then colored the images with alcohol markers.

I have then inserted the black cardstock strip inside the bag (after trimming it of course).

I hand drew the flashlight on white cardstock and colored it.

All you have to do is slip the flashlight in between the two layers of the bag and the black cardstock! And Voila! You can see the images! So much fun, right?

The Flashlight Card denotes that even though ‘I always have your back’, you need to find me with the flashlight I have given you : my Heart ❀

Here in the story the Bear has gifted this flashlight (aka his heart) to his beloved. So even when he is in his different phases, he has his beloved’s back!

Isn’t it so romantic?

Section 3 : Match box

Following are the dimensions I marked for creating it:

Outside cover: 
12 in. Γ— 3.5 in. Score at 3/4in. , from there 5 in., from there 3/4in., from there 5in. 

Inside box : 
6 3/8 in. Γ— 5 in. Score at 3/4in. on all sides 

I also added strips of ink blended cardstock on the sides of the box and a handle in the front.

I loved creating every part of this awesome card!

I am so thankful to My Favorite Things for always helping me in challenging myself to create something unique and innovative every time. This is truly a wonderful contest.

Hope you like my card.

Do let me know in the comments below which one of the 3 aspects did you like the most!

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I really appreciate your support.
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Have a great day ahead!




Entering my card in the

MFT Superstar Innovation Master category

You Make My Life Magical – MFT Superstar 2020 Coloring Virtuoso

Hello Crafties!

I love to color. Period. There is no specific reason as to why I do.

Well, no, actually there are, a lot of reasons I mean. Coloring calms my mind. It increases my concentration.

It increases my sense of worth (a tiny bit atleast) when people (read : family) go gaga over my coloring. Well the list is endless.

It’s a kind of meditation for me, where I actually lose track of time.

See, I actually lost track of time, just talking about coloring!

This is my entry to the Coloring Virtuoso category from the MFT Superstar contest.

I created a pretty little scene around the Eiffel Tower (it’s my dream to visit it with my family) with beautiful trees and a soothing sky. I wanted to create a postcard kinda card : that reminds anyone of the magical time they must have spent on the Tower for the ones who have visited it. And also create a sense of contentment and magic to those who one day wish to visit it!

For the scene, I used the principle of one point perspective to give a 3-dimensional effect.

The Eiffel Tower is diecut from the ‘Eiffel Tower- dienamics’ by MFT. I used black cardstock to add a sense of drama to the card.

I used a mixture of my Koi watercolor set and my Zig clean color real brush pens.

I used my Zigs for the trees and leaves. And my Koi watercolors for the blending of the sky.

The sentiment is from the ‘Magical Dragons’ stamp set by MFT.

Well, I truly believe that the Eiffel Tower is a symbol of Love. And what is more Magical than Love?

Do let me know in the comments below what are your views on magic and love.

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I really appreciate your support.
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Have a great day ahead!




Entering my card in the

MFT Superstar 2020 – Coloring Virtuoso

Walking on Sunshine – MFT Superstar 2020 Clean and Simple Genius

Hiya Crafties!

I hope you are safe and doing well!

The MFT Superstar contest is here and I always look forward to it every year! So much that I could shake myself up from my self-imposed crafting hiatus to participate in it.

This is the 1st category – Clean and Simple Genius. There are two other categories. So please don’t forget to check out my subsequent posts with my entries in those categories.

Coming back to the CAS category , I really believe the title makes sense. Because creating a simple card whilst telling a story through it, simultaneously is a genius task indeed.

For my card, I thought a lot about what kind of story I wished to tell through my CAS card.

After going through a lot of ideas, I finally realized that no story is complete without friendship.

So here it is my take on friendship.

It is about two friends living in a village. One of the friend owns a pair of pretty yellow boots which the other loves and adores. After a while, that same friend migrates to the city with her family. But before leaving, gifts her friend, her favorite yellow boots. And then they part with a heavy heart. The two friends soon lose touch.

Years go by. One day the city friend visits the village and is keen to meet her village friend. But she gets to know that her village friend has shifted to another village a few years back. Determined to meet her friend, she travels to the other village. After reaching there, she sets off in search of her friend’s house.

After knocking on a lot of doors, tired, she sits around the corner of a pretty cottage. As she turns her neck, what does she see! Her favorite yellow boot, now full of pretty flowers, set on the wall next to her. She is happy beyond measure. And also contented and grateful, for being blessed with a friend who cherished their friendship all these years! And then goes inside and knocks on the door with a smile not just on her face but in her heart too!

Hope you liked my story. Thank you for taking the time to read it!

Moving on to the card :

I stamped the pretty shoe from the ‘You Gnome Me’ stamp set with ‘Grout Gray’ ink by MFT.

I love this ink : it is awesome for no-line coloring!

I colored this pretty image with my Zig clean color real brush pens. I also added a few details like the tiny flowers popping out, with my markers directly. I did this to add my own touch of uniqueness. And also to show that friendship blooms in unexpected places!

Also painted the wall on which the shoe is standing with the same markers. I just went with the flow.

I love the no-line coloring effect. It gives a timelessness feel to the card.

After I was satisfied (kind of) with my coloring, I stamped the sentiment from the ‘Polynessian Paradise’ stamp set by MFT.

As always I had the urge to keep adding more details to my card, but better sense prevailed πŸ˜‰

Hope you like my card and also the story behind it.

Do let me know in the comments below what friendship means to you.

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I really appreciate your support.
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Have a great day ahead!




Entering my card in MFT Superstar 2020 – Clean and Simple Genius category

Howdy Gullfriend! |MFT 2019 Card Design Superstar | Innovation Master

Howdy Crafties!

Saying that I love creating interactive cards would be a huge understatement! πŸ˜†

So like always I am super excited to participate in the MFT 2019 Card Design Superstar challenge – Innvoation Master.

I created my card using the Seaside Gulls stamp set by MFT.

It is such an adorable set. I colored the images with my alcohol markers!

You can the see my card in action below :

For the background, I used the cloud stencil (by MFT) twice. First to create clouds and then to create waves.

But before that I used the Denim background stamp (MFT) on white cardstock.

For the half cut front panel I used the wavy-die from the Surf and turf dienamics.

I used Tumbled glass, Salty ocean and Peacock feathers distress oxides for the background.

I have a video tutorial showing how I created my background below:

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

The interactive mechanism was made using the following dienamics :

MFT Trifold slider dienamics

MFT Double Slider Loop slots dienamics

You can see the Trifold slider mechanism in the pic above, but the double slider loop mechanism is hidden behind the front panel.

The upper seagull pops up with a mechanism I made on my own with a few trial and errors. You can see it in the pic below :

I created the L shaped mechanism using a couple of brads. The upper brad is fixed to the panel while the lower one (that connects the 2 strips) is moving. The lower strip is attached to the double slider loop mechanism which when pulled, pushes the seagull above the panel.

Phew! πŸ˜…

Explaining interactive mechanisms takes as much effort as much as creating them. 😜

The flying seagull is attached to the trifold slider mechanism with a strip of acetate to show it… flying! πŸ˜‚

I created one of the two kissing seagulls by mirror stamping.

I stamped the seagull image on a glass block and then pressed my cardstock on it. See the image below :

I really loved creating this card as this adorable seagull stamp set simply makes me so happy.

I will definitely be making more cards with this set.

How did you like my card?

Would love to know your FEEDBACK regarding both the card and the video!!

Let me know in the COMMENTS below if you are inspired to make one.

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Animal Kingdom | MFT 2019 Card Design Superstar | Coloring Virtuoso

Hiya Crafties!

I love to color. With any medium I can get my hands on! Whether the final coloring looks awesome is another matter! 😜

I am entering today’s card in the MFT 2019 Card Design Superstar – Coloring Virtuoso

For this card, I used the Safari Friends stamp set by MFT.

This is my first time doing the no-line coloring technique with alcohol markers!

And boy was it challenging! πŸ˜₯

For the stamping I used the MFT premium dye ink in Grout Gray.

I love that ink for its subtle color! ❀

I wanted to create a postcard scene with animals.

I used the cloud stencil by MFT along with Peacock Feathers distress oxide for the sky.

This is how the scene looked after stamping and before coloring!

And the final coloring :

The trees are stamped with log stamp image form the MFT Happy Hedgehogs stamp set.

And the leaves on the trees are from the MFT Safari friends stamp set itself!

I love creating happy scenes and this card was one of them!

Would love to know your FEEDBACK !!

Let me know in the COMMENTS below if you are inspired to make one.

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I really appreciate your support.

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Geometric Neon Floral Card | MFT 2019 Card Design SuperStar | Clean and Simple Genius

Hello Crafties,

Today I have a Clean and Simple card made using supplies by My Favorite Things.

I am entering my card in the Clean and Simple Genius category for the MFT 2019 Card Design Superstar!

I always look forward to this challenge as MFT is one of my favorite things! (Pun unintended) πŸ˜‰

I have a VIDEO TUTORIAL for this card below on my IGTV :

Doing simple is never easy, it just seems it is. I love making CAS cards as much as I love making interactive cards!

I love to stitch and hence I had the idea of doing stitching on the Stitched blooms flower-dies.

The framework background stamp is awesome for people who love to color, which includes me! πŸ˜†

Supplies used :

MFT Framework Background stamp

MFT Stitched Blooms dieset

MFT Geometric Greenery stamp

MFT Seaside Seagulls

Fevicryl Neon Colors

Black Marker

Black embroidery thread

Would love to know your FEEDBACK regarding both the card and the video!!

Let me know in the COMMENTS below if you are inspired to make one.

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I really appreciate your support.

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Have a great day ahead!




Interactive Adorable Elephants

Hiya Crafties!

Making interactive cards is so much fun. It’s true that the efforts that we put are ten times more than making a simple card. But the satisfaction that you get when your card actually moves and surprises you is ten fold! That is totally worth the efforts, isn’t it? πŸ˜„

I made this card for MFT 2018 Card Design Superstar – Innovation Master.

Below is a video of my card in action –

There are so many wonderful entries!

I hope you like my card too ☺.

I spent a lot of time designing this card. A. Lot.

I literally went over it again & again in my mind, till I was satisfied with the idea!

I actually had made another card with another stamp set by MFT but then this one caught my heart ❀

After designing, executing the idea perfectly was the next task.

This required the next Lot of time! [Obviously πŸ˜‹ ]

I decided to go for a quadruple slider card. My card is 5.5 Γ— 5.5 inch square card.

The front panel has a hidden double slider.

The right hand panel has the spinning wheel mechanism.

And the left hand panel is a pop up slider card.

I made all the mechanisms by hand. As I did not have the corresponding MFT diesets.

I used the ‘Adorable Elephants stamp set’ for the main images. The other images come from the ‘Happy Hippos stamp set’, the clouds from ‘Magical Dragons stamp set’ & the hearts from the ‘Once upon a time stamp set’.

For the little gift in the spinning wheel, I partially stamped the hippo image holding a gift and then drew the remaining outline with a fine tip black pen. Phew! πŸ˜…

I also used the instagram camera-die from the ‘Cute Cameras die-namics’ for the spinning wheel panel and ‘Surf & Turf dieset’ for the green hills.

Where I didn’t have the required MFT diesets, I fussy cut everything! The circles, the slits etc.

The front panel is watercolored. And the other panels are blended with Distress oxides Wild Honey & Squeezed Lemonade.

This is my card in its full glory πŸ˜‰.

If we are counting all kinds of ‘Lots’ then let me say –

I had a Lot of fun too.

Learnt so many new things while making this card.

If it were not for MFT, I wouldn’t have learned so many new techniques on my own.

I hope you enjoy watching my card as much as I enjoyed making it.

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you for stopping by… Have a great day ahead!





Playing along

MFT 2018 Card Design Superstar – Innovation Master

Pop Art

Hi Crafties!

I have a Pop Art card that I made for MFT 2018 Card Design Superstar – Coloring Virtuoso

Do you know what Pop Art is? I am always awed by pop art drawings.

Citing Wikipedia :

Pop art is an art movement that emerged in Britain and the United States during the mid- to late-1950s.

The movement presented a challenge to traditions of fine art by including imagery from popular and mass culture, such as advertising, comic books and mundane cultural objects.

One of its aims is to use images of popular (as opposed to elitist) culture in art, emphasizing the banal or kitschy elements of any culture, most often through the use of irony.
It is also associated with the artists’ use of mechanical means of reproduction or rendering techniques. In pop art, material is sometimes visually removed from its known context, isolated, or combined with unrelated material.

For my card, I was inspired by Andy Warhol’s pop art drawings.

I used the pineapple stamp image from the BB Polynesian Paradise stamp set by My Favorite Things (MFT).

I first divided my panel into nine equal squares.

I then stamped the image nine times using my Misti and colored it with brush pens.

The sentiment is also from the same set.

I then stuck my panel on an A2 card base.

I took an unnecessary long time deciding the position of the sentiment. Whether to stamp in the middle or in the right!

Does this happen to you too? If the answer is yes, then we can safely say that “Great minds think alike”πŸ˜‰.

I have wanted to make a pop art card since a long time.

I love the contrasting effect that the various colors are having on the eyes. Hope I did justice to this card.

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you for stopping by… Have a great day ahead!





Playing along

MFT 2018 Card Design Superstar – Coloring Virtuoso